How to create a Blog in 2019?

Q1. What is a Blog?

It is an an online place where you will find thousands of articles written on a particular the topic or a niche.

A blogger put its all-mighty knowledge to create a particular blog investing its time, money and mostly hard word to make it a successful blog.

How to start a Blog in 2019?

Creating a blog in 2019 is a very good decision, but due to high competition creating a less knowledgeable content will not be really worth it.

If you have a full and deep researched knowledge about any topic, you should start your blog right now.

There, are some important key factors you should know before starting a blog.
    It requires time.
     Need investment  
         Accurate knowledge.

Can we earn from blogging?

Yes, sure you can earn from blogging as it is a reward given to you for your hard work and sharing knowledgeable information.

Earning is a secondary factor, if you are giving accurate and reliable knowledge to your audience without thinking of money, income will generate automatically.

Can we take blogging as a career?

Yes, you can take blogging as a career.
If you are good at anything and want to share knowledge blogging is for you. But, I have seen that some people start blogging as a career but letting it down after some time because of less audience creation and less income, this happened because of lack of knowledge on other factors like promotions, lead generations and marketing.
That’s why they fail.

Does blogging require any skill?

No, basically, it does not require any knowledge, you only have to focus on your niche or topic on which you are creating a blog, that really matters.
By the time you start doing things, you will learn it.

Here, we have created a beautiful infographic for you on Blogging. Let’s see it:



If you are interested in Blogging then try it.
Learn before creating a blog
Set your mind
Write down everything you want to do on your blog.
Save some money for investment.
Plan everything.

Happy Blogging.